Ecological Services

Civil Site Group (CSG) is an Indiana-registered corporation committed to providing both private and public sector clients with innovative, cost-effective solutions for a changing environment. CSG offers comprehensive ecological consulting services designed for effective conservation planning efforts for the 21st century. We provide wetlands consulting, ecological services, and restoration and mitigation services to meet client goals. Our team consists of professional wetlands scientists, biologists, professional engineers and CADD designers. We understand the unique challenges developers face and have decades of combined experience bringing them to successful resolution. We have forged dozens of strong partnerships with developers, solid waste facilities, the mining industry, homebuilders and government in Indiana and the Midwest. We have become a recognized leader in land use and development issues and work with organizations of all sizes and budgets.

Our capabilities include a wide range of projects, from landfills to housing developments, to commercial developments, to the planning of storm water features. We emphasize technology and creativity when developing a solution. Our assistance can be a general review or a comprehensive analysis, monitoring ongoing or completed construction, including mitigation design/build projects. We can also help resolve land use conflicts, contribute to long-range planning, assist with permitting challenges, and find creative solutions to complicated land use issues.

These services include but are not limited to:

Civil Site Group is prequalified to provide consulting services to the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) for:

  • Ecological Surveys – 5.4
  • Wetland Mitigation – 5.5
  • Waterway Permits – 5.6
  • Approved Wetland Delineator Consultant

In addition, Civil Site Group is registered through the Indiana Department of Administration to provide professional design services for public works projects. Specifically, Civil Site Group is qualified to provide Civil Engineering – Site Development & Road Design; and Wetland & Prairie Restoration.