Erosion Control
  • Rule 5 Plan Submittal

In Indiana, Rule 5 requires the development of a Construction Plan. An integral part of the Construction Plan includes a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan. The Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan addresses several issues. First, the plan outlines how erosion and sedimentation will be controlled on the project site to minimize the discharge of sediment off-site or to a water of the state. Second the plan addresses other pollutants that may be associated with construction activity. This can include disposal of building materials, management of fueling operations, etc. Finally, the plan should also address pollutants that will be associated with the post construction land use. CSG has extensive experience designing erosion control plans and obtaining necessary permits for construction projects to begin.

  • Erosion Inspections

CSG has a Certified Erosion Sediment and Stormwater Inspector (CESSWI) on staff and can provide construction inspection services for construction projects.